“This place is so much more than a hall with amazing food and a gorgeous venue. It is a place that takes care of everything.”

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I knew Crystal Plaza was an amazing venue when I was a guest at a wedding there six years ago. I remember the wonderful food, abundance of natural light, ease of the valet parking and the welcoming and elegant feeling of the venue.   I took my husband to look at the venue after we were engaged.  It fit other requirements on our list; easy access for out of town friends and relatives, wood floors (easier for dancing), and glatt kosher.


Nothing could prepare me for the experience of being a bride at the Crystal Plaza.  There was no stress because the staff at Crystal Plaza took care of everything.  I really felt like our wedding was a fairy tale out of a Disney Movie.


There are three parts that jump out at me.  Booking Crystal Plaza with Barry, settling the menu with Max, and interacting with our amazing attendants the day of the wedding.  It was clear that each person acted as if they were delivering a wedding for a royal family.  The day of the wedding the staff was invisible and there for our every need.


We were an anxious bride and groom with many questions.  Barry answered all of them and put our minds at ease.  From food, dance space, family seating, to places for mothers to pump at the hall.  Barry had already thought of it and had an answer for us.


We set our menu with Max.    Our guests were treated as if they were his own guests in his own home.  He had us change a station for a passed hor dourves because our guests would enjoy a different station even more. Max surprised me the day of the event with Jelly Donuts, something I had mentioned in passing, and he delivered!  The food was out of this world and our guests can not stop talking about it.


On the day of the wedding, we each had our own personal attendant.  Mine was Leslie. I am going to try and describe some of the many things Leslie took care off seamlessly so that you can understand the level of service that Crystal Plaza delivers.


The outdoor garden was perfectly set up to take outdoor pictures in early December.  In the middle of pictures Leslie came running to wrap me in blankets the staff had heated to warm me up.  She carefully fed me blueberries during pictures so that I would have my sugar fix and stayed happy and not hungry.


It totally changed my picture taking experience.  I was able to enjoy them and my husband so much more!  (You can see that from the huge grins on our faces!)


My lips were dry the day of the wedding.  Leslie found chapstick and lipstick and kept on applying chapstick and fresh lipstick anytime she noticed a little dryness on my lips. She appeared with anti static guard for my mother and sisters.  There were cold compresses that were used to wipe my forehead and back as soon as the there was a pause in the music.


Everything was seamless, our attendants were there already taking care of everything.


A Crystal Plaza wedding is an incredible experience.  I hope these thoughts will help you understand that this place is so much more than a hall with amazing food and a gorgeous venue.  It is a place that takes care of everything.